Annual Dividends

As a Masterways Sacco member you are entitled to annual dividends as stipulated by Sacco Laws

Loan Borrowing

By joining the Sacco and making consistent savings for not less than 6 months one is entitled to borrow up to three times their savings

No Ledger Fees

No ledger fees is required to operate an account with Masterways Sacco. This encourages a monthly saving culture.

Who can Join?

Clients of Masterways Real Estate Ltd, their nuclear family members and staff.

Employees of Masterways Regulated (N-WDT) Sacco Society Ltd and their nuclear family 


Employees of Masterways Real Estate Ltd and their nuclear family members.

Property owners of other Real Estate agents with signed Memorandum of understanding.

Tenants of clients of Masterways Real Estate ltd.

Employees of other companies on check off with signed memorandum of understanding.

Any other person approved by the General meeting.

Qualifications for Membership

A person of either sex shall be eligible for membership who possesses all the following qualifications:

Is within the field of membership consisting of the following common bond:-Employees and client of MASTERWAYS PROPERTIES LTD – NAIROBI and its associated companies or branches and/or employees of this Society.

Is not less than eighteen years of age.

Is of good character and is of sound mind.

Is resident within, or occupies land within the Society’s area of operation.

Is in employment or in business within the Society’s area of operation.

Is not a member of any other Savings and credit Co-operative Society carrying out the same business.

Is an ex- employee /client of Masterways properties ltd or its affiliates.

Member Number

Every applicant for membership shall complete an “Application for Membership” form. This form may be drawn so as to show all the information required for the purpose of a register of members. The completed form, when filed in serial order, shall constitute the register of members as required under the rules.

Admission into Membership

An applicant shall be admitted to membership on being accepted by majority of the Management Board members but shall not qualify for the rights and privileges of membership until he/she has paid an Entrance Fee of Kshs. 3500/= which may be revised from time to time under a resolution of a General Meeting and paid in full for at least 1100 shares of Kshs. 20/= each and paid Kshs. 500/= for a copy of these By-laws.

Interested in being a Member? Download the application form here.

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