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About Us


Masterways Non-withdrawable deposit taking Sacco was registered in November 1996 under the Cooperative Societies Act Cap 490 and held its first AGM in 1997. The pioneer founder members were the staff, clients and directors of Masterways Properties Ltd, the latter offers professional management services to real estate products investors. The original common bond comprised of property owners and staff of Masterways properties Ltd.  In the AGM held in 2016 members Resolved to expand the common bond to onboard other categories who are eligible to join as members which include; clients of other real estate agents with MOU with Masterways NWDT, corporates plus others as specified by the Society By-Laws.


To be the preferred financial institution providing credible and efficient solutions to its members in posterity


To mobilize savings, provide timely financial solutions that create value alongside improvement of members’ welfare through prudent management and use of modern technology.

Core Values

– Integrity – Servant Leadership – Customer Centricity – Teamwork – Professionalism – Continuous improvement


The Sacco is licensed and regulated by SASRA in the category of Non deposit taking. Currently, SASRA has under its watch over 175 Deposit Taking Sacco`s and 185 Non- Deposit taking where we belong as Masterways Sacco. Being supervised by SASRA is a mark of confidence on the prudential operation of the Society. The sector combined assets based of the over 360 Saccos under SASRA is Ksh 800 billion, deposits of over Ksh. 556 billion and loan portfolio of Ksh 500 billion. Masterways Sacco, is grateful to offer an opportunity for the members to have a platform for savings and access to credit which is our core mandate. 

Masterways NWDT Sacco has grown since inception from a membership of 15 members to currently over 1000. Our asset base is slightly under 500 million and deposits of 380 million. Fully paid-up members are expected to have a share capital of a minimum Ksh 22,000/= and maintain a monthly savings of not less than Ksh 2000/=.

Governance structure and leadership are key cog at Masterways Sacco. AGM is the supreme body that elects members to the Board and Supervisory. Currently, we have a board of nine members who are young, experienced and energetic. We have a robust supervisory committee of three who offer oversight. The day to day running of the operations is undertaken by a well-polished secretariat headed by a General Manager. Governance is further entrenched through the Board sub-committees where the bulk of work is undertaken. We espouse the corporate governance principles of transparency, accountability, fairness,  equal treatment of all members and maintain good relations with stakeholders. 

We also facilitate other services on behalf of our members such NHIF contribution payments especially for those who may not have time due to their busy schedules. The society also runs a benevolent kitty to cater for members hospitalization and upon death to the next of kin support.


Please call us on 0777817724 /0793 690 065 or e-mail us on info@masterwaysacco.co.ke You can also visit our offices located in Old Mutual Building, Kimathi St
P.O.Box 38715-00600, Nairobi